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Our society, at large is lost, hurt and suffering in this suffering world. In this Era of unstoppable advancement, with uncountable paths to follow, People are paralyzed on which path to take and end up with failures in their careers, marriages and dreams.

In the midst of such endeavours, Astrology is the sole remedy that can truly heal the hurt that we all are feeling in some or the other area. Astrology is the light that guides people during dark times.

Who is Moneka Kocher ?

In Astrology, there is no truer champion than Moneka Kochar, she possesses burning compassion for helping others through tough times. Moneka Kochar is a Two Time “Gold Medalist” in Hindu Astrology from the world-famous “Institute of Astrology” at Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi. With a commendable experience of 18+ years in the domain of Hindu Astrology, Prashna Shastra, Lal Kitab, Nadi Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Tarot Reading, Numerology, Gemstones, and Remedies, she has helped 1000s of people overcome the hardships in their lives.

Her educational qualifications are: B.COM, M.COM, B.ED, B.LIB and LLB. She was into the teaching profession for the last 24 years. And for the last 3 years started as a practising lawyer. Despite of being teaching or practising law, astrology was a passion since childhood and managed all professions parallely.

People have come to Moneka to seek solutions from not getting married to not getting a visa to suffering from health issues to crippling financial problems. She has not only helped them find a spouse, travel abroad or overcome financial hardship, but also she has enriched their lives with faith, happiness and positivity in abundance.

Her Beginnings

Moneka was born and brought up in Delhi and started learning astrology at a very young age. She has a calling towards the mystical Sciences. She started her journey by predicting the future of her friends and family with accuracy that shocked everyone that finally lead her to pursue her calling through astrology and other allied fields.

Moneka practices astrology not only with traditional values and a strong fundamental knowledge but also, with a scientific and modern approach that today’s modern world needs the most. Moneka believes in the constant pursuit of knowledge and ever enhancing skills in Astrology. Hence, she is always exploring the depths of ancient Hindu scriptures as well as exciting advancements in astrological sciences. She always strives to give people authentic and easy to follow solutions to their ever-growing new problems.


Moneka Kocher’s Hard work, Due Diligence, and Intelligence

Jyotish Alankar

(Gold Medal & Certificate)

Jyotish Acharya

(Gold Medal & Certificate)

Resarch Scholor

(Saroj Award by Shri K.N. Rao)

Vastu Course


Nadi Astrology

(Certificate Level-1)

Nadi Astrology

(Certificate Level-2)

Nadi Astrology

(Certificate Level-3)

Nadi Astrology

(Certificate Level-4)

Tarot Reading

(Certificate Course)

Your Kaal Chakra

(Astrology Workshop)

Shivagange Astro Group

(Astrology Workshop)


Bhartiye Vidhya Bhawan

(Resarch Session)


Astro National Group

(Workshop Participation)


Shivgange Astro Group

(Workshop Participation)

The ways Moneka Kocher can help you

horoscope reading


Get your Zodiac sign read by our good astrologer Moneka Kocher in Delhi. Know what needs
to be changed and change it now…Read More

match making

Match Making

Find the best Kundli match for a successful marriage with Moneka Kocher as she has helped her clients find love throughout the world…Read More



Moneka Kocher is the best Numerologer in Delhi, if not in India. Her numerology reading will
un-mystify the hidden numbers surrounding you…Read More

Tarot reading

Tarot Reading

Tarot reading with Moneka Kocher will help you, not only understand your past and present
but also glimpse into the future….Read more

Vastu Consultancy

Control the structures around you, control Vaastu, control life. With Moneka Kocher get valuable
Vastu shastra tips for home and more…Read more


Relationship & Life Coaching

Get relationship counseling for marriages and couples as well as life coaching with Moneka
Kocher for a better solution….Read more

Remedies & Solutions

Get easy, genuine, and accurate remedies and solutions to your complex life problems with
Moneka Kocher who’s resolved thousands of people’s hurt….Read more

Gemstone & Crystal Recomendation

Find the right gemstone either it is Blue sapphire or Emerald stone or any other gemstone or
crystal which isn’t known by Moneka Kocher…Read More



Important life events only happen once, make sure they happen correctly by choosing the right
auspicious Muhurat date and time with Moneka Kocher…Read More

Her great service with compassion towards others

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Horoscope Reading Charges (1 Hour Session) ₹ 3100 or $ 66 USD

Match Making Charges ₹ 3000 or $ 66 USD

Numerology Charges ₹ 5100 or $ 100 USD

Tarot Reading Charges (30 Minutes Session) ₹ 2100 or $ 42 USD

Vastu Consultancy Charges ₹ 11000 or $ 200 USD

Relationship & Life Coaching Charges ₹ 5100 or $ 300 USD

Remedies & Solutions Charges ₹ 11000 or $ 300 USD

Gemstone & Crystal Recommendation Charges ₹ 3100 or $ 150 USD

Muhurat Charges ₹ 5100 or $ 300 USD