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How we discovered Astrology?

Astrology has been a part of human society throughout history and remains widely used to this day. Humans have always been fascinated by the night sky and curious about the future. Astrology allows each individual to look up into the starry night, knowing that like us, our sun, moon, and stars travel along their own path through the heavens. Those who practice astrology are able to use their knowledge of celestial objects and how they relate to one another to determine a person’s unique character traits and predict future events in a person’s life. Astro is Greek for “star” while logy refers to “study of” Hence, the study of stars, their movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events. Astrology has been dated to at least the 2nd millennium BCE, and has its roots in calendrical systems used to predict seasonal shifts and to interpret celestial cycles as signs of divine communications.

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Why is Kundali Matchmaking important?

Before we know what is Janam Kundali matching? Let us have a rough idea of Why is Kundali matchmaking important? And what real benefits it has for the bride and groom?

  • According to our ancient Vedic scriptures, Kundali matching is one of the most important practices. In many a Hindu wedding, it is an integral part. Kundali matching can help
    both the bride and groom lead a happy and successful life.
  • It is said that a better Kundali match can help people avoid many disasters in married life like major health issues, cheating, and other  misfortunes. Also, If a Kundali is matched
    perfectly that’s a great reassurance for both the bride and groom families.

In the first step of understanding the process of Kundali matching, we have to start with Janam Kundali.



Solve the chaos of your life with Numerology. When we enter a room full of people we are all focused on different things, see different things and hear different things – we are all looking at life through our own unique lens. With Numerology you can discover insights into who you are as an individual by working out the different numbers that are connected to your date of birth – your Life Path Number, Destiny Number, Soul Urge Number and Inner Dream Number among many others. These metrics are then used to help you better understand the world and ourselves as individuals where you can discover insights about your purpose and personality traits, your strengths and potentials, and much more.

Tarot reading


Unleash your inner potential with Tarot. The most powerful source of information comes from within; it’s not just information gleaned from books, disciplines, organizations, but it’s information that was previously blocked or
repressed, waiting to be released. The Tarot is a way to bring this information into our lives. The self is an exploration that expands and contracts in space and time. Through these shifts in perspective, we gain access to areas of our being that were previously blocked or contained. In the sacred architecture of the Tarot, each card represents an event somewhere between cause and effect. The present moment contains all possibilities, but it is difficult for the mind to grasp this concept. We believe the Tarot guides us on a journey into the past, present, and future in order to show us a way out, back into reality.


Control the structures around you, control Vastu, control life. Vaastu is an ancient science, which determines the presence of 5 elements of the structure, and accordingly shapes the buildings and materials and uses them to create a balanced energy field. This scientific rationale is based on the five elements theory of Indian astronomy and astrology—earth, water, air, fire and ether. These five elements determine the direction and indirectly influence the energy position of the planets at the time of your birth. Vaastu provides you with architecture that allows you to feel safe without sacrificing modern conveniences. Whether your primary residence is a small house in the country or a high-end condo in the city, Vaastu will help you feel settled regardless of which corner of the world you call home.


Relationship & Life Coaching

Build Better Relationships with self and others, close & afar. Resolve relationship problems with your close ones. Move ahead from hurt to joy. Take your relationships to the next level with our relationship coaching & counseling sessions. Resolve Family Problems and build a better-connected family with a great focus on building better communication, creating a smoother functioning environment and building the ability to solve family problems and issues.


Remedies & Solutions

The ancient text of astrology has mentioned the use of remedies for the welfare of human beings, who are suffering from the doshas of planets in this present birth. Whatever are the sufferings or blessings we are enjoying in this birth are the outcomes of the past births. Due to bad karmic accounts of last births, we suffer now which is described by planetary combinations in our Horoscope. In order to get relief for those doshas or bad karmic accounts of last births astrology recommend remedies in the form of tantra, mantra, yantram, gemstones, aushadhi (medicinal herbs), donations and homas (hawan). No doubt after doing these remedies the person gets relief for his dridadrid karmas (karmas which become passive due to remedy efforts of a person otherwise not), and for adrid karmas. That’s why our ancient kings and civilisations continued to respect astrology for ages. Astrology gives guidance for sure by improving the quality of the life of everyone with the help of remedies and solutions.

Gemstone & Crystal Recomendation

Crystals have powerful mineral deposits for healing as they possess positive energy, which vibrates through our surroundings and through our body and flushes all the negative and toxic energy out. This channelizing of energy works to heal our body from within. Every crystal and rock possesses unique healing properties, in the sense, they possess unique vibrations and frequencies that arise due to their molecular compositions. These frequencies and energies work to assist us by uplifting our physical and mental health. They absorb all our negative energies like a magnet and rejuvenate our souls. To increase our physical and mental wellbeing, it is crucial to hold a crystal over ourselves and let it interact with our body’s chakras.



Let Muhurat guide your life. Shodasha Samskara is the 16 crucial events in our lives such as the naming ceremony, starting education, marriage, and more. All these Samskaras should be carried out on a specific Muhurta to ensure success, happiness and all round prosperity in life . Muhurata is the selection of the best time for carrying out the important events of our life using panchangam. The Panchangam tells us about the five main elements of a muhurta: the tithi, vara, nakshatra, yoga and karana. These 5 elements of panchangam selects an auspicious muhurata for your well
being to ensure the success and eliminates the obstructions from life